Two full publications in one swoop

Veröffentlicht am July 20, 2017 in News

The relevance of the data from the iOMEDICO tumor registries is highly acknowledged both nationally and internationally. Virtually at the same time, two full publications with data from the tumor registry mammary carcinoma were accepted in international journals:

1. The Breast
Fietz, T., Tesch, H., Rauh, J., Boller, E., Kruggel, L., Jänicke, M., Marschner, N., 2017.
Palliative systemic therapy and overall survival of 1,395 patients with advanced breast cancer – results from the prospective German TMK cohort study.
The Breast 34, 122–130. Abstract

2. Breast Cancer Research and Treatment
Hurtz, H.-J., Tesch, H., Göhler, T., Hutzschenreuter, U., Harde, J., Kruggel, L., Jänicke, M., Marschner, N., TMK-Group (Tumour Registry Breast Cancer), 2017.
Persistent impairments 3 years after (neo)adjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancer – results from the MaTox project.
Breast Cancer Res Treat [Epub ahead of print]. Abstract

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