Clinical Research by Oncologists for Oncologists

Since 1996 iOMEDICO is known for Know-how and experience in oncology and hematology as an independent clinical research institute. iOMEDICO is a pioneer in digital data capture and with more than 20 years clinical research part of a viable oncological network.02_iomedico_tempelchen

Clinical Research from one source

As internationally acting full service clinical research organization we offer all services for clinical trials phases I to IV, non-interventional studies, tumor registry and registry platforms. Basis are:

  • established oncological expertise and long-standing experience in clinical practice,
  • iOMEDICO-own, innovative software systems which assure an optimal study routine,
  • our multi-disciplinary team of highly qualified experts who implement new ideas with great creativity,
  • and the long-standing collaboration with over 1400 study experienced medical specialists from oncological practices, hospitals and university clinics.

Together we evaluate new treatment possibilities and compounds in order to provide patients with sophisticated and efficacious therapeutic options.

Health care research with expertise

For over 10 years iOMEDICO has been carrying out extensive tumor registries and registry platforms. Registries describe the treatment reality, identify potentials for optimization and are starting points for interventional research projects. Long-standing experience and expertise are mirrored in the quality of the projects. The data are highly regarded nationally and internationally and have been awarded numerous prizes.
Patient reported outcome data play a decisive role in the assessment of oncological therapies. iOMEDICO has been carrying out patient surveys since 2001. Our established logistics assure excellent rate of returns, even in long-term studies

Software systems for simple study conduct

iOMEDICO started with the programming of their own data capture system (Electronic Data Capture: EDC) in 1993. The vision was to capture data of clinical studies in a timely manner, quality controlled and without paper. Clinical trials without paper. Long-standing experience from the practice assure user-friendly study software.
Today additionally high-performance and practice oriented software systems are provided:

  • iOpics for blinded evaluation of picture documentation.
  • iOMon to support risk based monitoring.
  • Information portals support the study centers in patient enrolment: study portal and TRIALS.
  • With the development of the PRO patient platform patient surveys are captured via tablet PCs today in a quality controlled manner.

Medical Consulting with experience from the clinical practice

Medical-oncological expertise from practice and clinic are the foundation of iOMEDICO. We combine long-standing experience from treatment routine of tumor patients with competent scientific expertise.
Our medical team guides the study projects from the start. During the design stage practice experienced indication specialists or develop the project in your behalf. Whether study protocol, patient information, final study report or publication – the medical knowledge is the backbone of all projects and assures the high quality through to the successful completion.

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