Dr. med. Norbert Marschner 06_ansprechpartner_nm

CEO, Operational Management

Specialist physician for internal medicine focusing on oncology / hematology

Dr. med. Norbert Marschner opened the first specialist surgery for oncology and hematology in Freiburg in 1993. In 1996 he founded the clinical research institute iOMEDICO together with his wife and now heads the Operational Management. [more]

Sybille Marschner06_ansprechpartner_sm

CEO, Administration & Human Resources

1996 Sybille Marschner founded the clinical research organization iOMEDICO together with her husband. Since then she has been responsible for administration and human resources.

Dr. Sabine Busies06_ansprechpartner_sam

Director BU Clinical Research

Dr. Sabine Busies has been involved in clinical research in the therapeutic area of hematology and oncology since completion of her doctoral thesis in 1995. Since 1999 she has been working for iOMEDICO. Today she heads the core business unit, the clinical and epidemiological research.

Dr. med. Karin Potthoff06_ansprechpartner_kp

Medical Director

Specialist physician for internal medicine focusing on oncology / hematology / palliative medicine

As practicing specialist and expert for oncological studies Dr. med. Karin Potthoff has been working at university clinics and in the pharmaceutical industry since 1995. Since 2015 she heads the Medical Team at iOMEDICO.

Hanferstra├če 28
D-79108 Freiburg

Phone: 0761 - 15 242 0