Patient Questionnaires without Paper

16_studiensoftware_icons-03„PRO Patient“ is our digital platform for the patient. Oncological therapies and the health status are assessed from the patient’s perspective using quality of life data. The entry of the patient reported outcomes (PRO) is carried out digitally via user-friendly, easy to use tablet PCs. The “PRO Patient Technology” can be applied in routine care as well as clinical research applications.

Simple The entry of the date is simple: Short questionnaires – clear presentation – intuitive handlingeven for older patients without experience in computing.
Fast Digital data capturing via tablet PC during the waiting period, directly forwarded and analyzed centrally. With limited site effort and no return of questionnaires.
Quality controlled Completeness and plausibility of the data are checked automatically. The documentation is instantaneously quality controlled, contents are evaluable without delay.
Future proof PRO Patient offers fast access to future scientific projects and routine applications. We provide a digital hub for patient-related documentation on site.

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