The suitable study for your patient

TRIALSThe internet portal TRIALS supports study sites to enrol patients: All study information relevant for patient recruitment is provided at a glance. Face-to-face with the patient enrolment can already be initiated.

Study identification TRIALS offers an overview of all actively recruiting iOMEDICO projects – individually for each site. The appropriate study for the patient can be identified with only a few clicks.
Finding information Medically relevant, study specific key information can be found at a glance. The study design can be recapitulated, which allows an immediate assessment of patient enrolment.
Adding studies Further studies can be added site specifically. In a few minutes a complete, customized overview of all studies at the site is compiled.
Expanding the range of studies The range of studies at the site can be extended to include studies from associated sites. In case of matching study profiles TRIALS facilitates contacting of cooperation partners.


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