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Clinical tumor registries with their real world data document the healthcare of patients in Germany. They supplement the results of randomized clinical pivotal trials (RCT) and can support licensing processes and benefit assessments. For the improvement of healthcare and to answer numerous scientific, clinical and health economic issues they are the essential basis.
For over 10 years iOMEDICO has been investing in the conception/design, conduct and evaluation of prospective clinical tumor registries. Long-standing experience and expertise are mirrored by the quality of the projects – from design to analysis.


The significance of comprehensive real world databases on the oncological health care situation is scientifically highly renowned. The long observation period of the entire course of the disease and increasing numbers of documented patients allow answers to entity-specific, practice related questions. The analyses are presented nationally and internationally and have been awarded several prizes.

Tumor registries create transparency


Patient-Reported Outcome (PRO)

Patient-reported outcome data play a significant role in the evaluation of oncological therapies. They provide information e.g. on quality of life and symptoms burden, on satisfaction and on time spent with treatment. iOMEDICO has been carrying out patient surveys since 2001. The established logistics assure excellent rates of return even in long-lasting studies.


For systematic biomarker research large prospective collections of tumor samples and the respective medical data need to be established. They are the foundation for translational research projects, allow risk stratification and targeted enrolment of patients into new studies. As part of the registry platforms decentralized biobanks are being established.

Research network

The healthcare research group comprises a nationwide network of over 380 study sites with over 850 physicians. Besides recruitment and documentation of data, these participants are also actively involved in the projects as medical consultants, provide ideas for analyses, are authors of publications or presenters at congresses. Together these practicing oncologists and hematologists shape the healthcare research.

Health economics

What does oncological care cost in Germany? Assessment of benefit and costs of treatments and related procedures form the basis for the optimization of healthcare. By linking treatment data with patient reported outcomes and costs, numerous health economical questions of the future can be answered today.

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