Platforms for exchange

Successful clinical research requires cooperative partnerships of all players. At iOMEDICO events the attendees discuss current research results, therapeutic approaches and study concepts and contribute their expertise, they transfer experience from the practice into solutions for clinical routine and initiate and conduct projects together.

15_veranstaltungen_onkorat Scientific presentations alternating with indication specific workshops and dialogues. For over 5 years this scientific study symposium is the annual meeting point for hematologists and oncologists, actively participating in studies, representatives of study groups as well as the research based pharmaceutical industry.
15_veranstaltungen_poek „More time for the patient“ is the topic of the symposium for innovation in study and practice logistics. Presentations and workshops are offeredwith focus on digitalizing medical technology, optimization of processes and structures relevant in the practice routine supported by customized IT-systems.
15_veranstaltungen_registermeeting The iOMEDICO tumor registries compiling real world data are presented annually concomitantly to the DGHO congress . Current analyses and evaluations are presented and scientific questions relevant to the practice are addressed. An important contribution to the improvement of patient care in the oncological routine.
15_veranstaltungen_studientreffen Study meetings promote the collaboration, quality and patient enrolment of projects. Current scientific results, comprehensive information on the conduct of the study and the latest on the study status are discussed.

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