Patient surveys

13_patientenbefragungen_kopfThe view of the patient and capturing their quality of life play a decisive role in the evaluation of oncological therapies. Patient-Reported Outcome data (PROs) are captured directly from the patient using questionnaires. Linking these to clinical data provide the basis for valid statements on the relationship of treatment and quality of life, or of life style and course of disease.
Since 2001 iOMEDICO has been conducting projects involving PROs – from clinical trials to healthcare research. Our PRO-experts support these projects from the initial idea to publication with their long-standing experience with differing research questions, patient groups and study designs:

  • Study design of projects involving PROs
  • Selection of appropriate, validated questionnaires
  • Development and validation of questionnaires for specific questions
  • Distribution and collection of questionnaires, compliant with regulations of data protection
  • Analysis, description and interpretation
  • Publication

Patient surveys are co-ordinated by the iOMEDICO SMO GmbH. It sends out over 15,000 questionnaires a year. The excellent rates of return of 70 % – 98 % confirm the acceptance of the projects and the success of the logistics.

Future documentation by the patient

Using the PRO Patient platform patient surveys can be performed paper-free via tablet PCs in the waiting room. The patient completes the questionnaire while they wait. Quality controlled and time-efficient. The handling of PRO Patient is intuitive and easy for both center and patient and study site personnel.

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