Prizes & Awards

Data from the iOMEDICO healthcare research projects are fixtures of the programs of national and international congresses. The quality and importance of the data has been rewarded with several prizes and awards in the past years:

Tumor Registry Breast Cancer

No impact of increasing symptoms on quality of life? Longitudinal data from the German MALIFE-Project on patients receiving monochemo- and endocrine treatment for advanced breast cancer – results from the TMK registry group.
Marschner N, Nusch A, Decker T, Münz M, Kruggel L, Jänicke M. The Breast. 2015;24 (suppl3)(OR51):39.
ABC3 2015, Lissabon
Best Abstract Session

Long-term side effects of curative treatment for breast cancer – data from the MaTox project. Oncology Research and Treatment.
Hurtz H-J, Tesch H, Göhler T, Hutzschenreuter U, Harde J, Kruggel L, u. a. 2014;37(suppl.5)(V370):110.
DGHO 2014, Hamburg
Best of Congress Session

Overall survival and sequential treatment of patients with metastatic breast cancer treated by German office-based medical oncologists – outcome data from the TMK Registry Group.
Marschner N, Däßler K-U, Müller-Hagen S, Kruggel L, Jänicke M, Tesch H. The Breast. 2013;22 (suppl 3)(V39).
ABC2 2013, Lissabon
Best Abstract Session

Effectiveness of taxane- or anthracyclin-based compared to taxane- and anthracycline-free first-line treatments of patients with metastatic breast cancer treated by German office-based medical oncologists. Data from the TMK Registry Group.
Marschner N, Dörfel S, Meyer D, Petersen V, Frank M, Jänicke M, u. a. The Breast. 2013;22 (suppl 3)(P41).
ABC2 2013, Lissabon
Best Poster

medalEffectiveness of taxane- or anthracylin-based compared to taxane- and anthracyline-free 1st-line treatments in metastatic breast cancer patients in German oncology outpatient centres. Data from the clinical TMK Registry.
Marschner N, Tesch H, Dörfel S, Meyer D, Petersen V und Jänicke M. Onkologie 35, Nr. suppl 6 (2012): 64. doi:10.1159/000170919.
DGHO 2012, Stuttgart
Best Poster

Tumor Registry Lymphatic Neoplasms

1st-line treatment with R-CHOP-14 or R-CHOP-21 in patients with high-grade non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma is similarly effective: Data from the German prospective TLN Registry
Knauf WU, Abenhardt W, Mohm J, Rauh J, Grugel R, Harde J, et al. Blood. 2014;124(21):4406.
ASH 2014, San Francisco
Clinically relevant

Tumor Registry Lung Cancer

Behandlungsrealität von Patienten mit fortgeschrittenem NSCLC und Bevacizumab Behandlung – Daten aus dem klinischen Tumorregister Lungenkarzinom (TLK);
Steffens C.-C., Tessen H.-W., Losem C., Münz M., Jänicke, M., Spring L., Marschner N. OncolResTreat 2014; 37(suppl.5)(P217)
DGHO 2014, Hamburg
Best Poster

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